North Dakota Military Vehicle Collectors Association

Rory Grenier's Homepage

     Well I quess I get the honor of having the first homepage as the President of the NDMVCA Club. Well this summer of 2015 has been a busy one for me, but not so busy that I came across a 1993 

M998 A M General Humvee at a GSA auction. With a little luck, some sweat and some parts, I got this up and in good working/ running condition. Mara my daughter even wants to take it out for a spin. 

But my favorite little tool  is my fully restored 1945 M29C weasel. I enjoy play in the North Dakota winter snow with it and my kids.

As you can see I also have a restored 1985 M1008 CUCV 1 1/4 Ton Chevrolet Truck. The Jeep to the right is my CJ2Ato look like a WW II era jeep.

The other pictures below  photo's are my works to be or are in the restoring mode now.