North Dakota Military Vehicle Collectors Association

Why You Don't Want to Mess With North Dakota !

     North Dakota Navy          The USS North Dakota  Virginia Class Submarine

    The USS North Dakota is the first of eight Virginia Class Block III ships. Approximately 20 percent of USS North Dakota was redesigned to lower acquisition cost and increase operational flexibility. The changes include a ship's bow replacing 12 individual launch tubes with two large-diameter Virginia Payload Tubes, each capable of launching six UGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles. In addition to surveillance missions, USS North Dakota will be able to perform anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare; deliver and support special forces; and conduct mine delivery and minefield mapping operations.

    Armament of this submarine is:

    (12) UGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles

    Unknown Number of MK48 ADCAP Torpedoes

    (4) Torpedo Tubes

    With all joking aside, We from the great state of North Dakota take pride and honor in supporting all the United States Military Branches, it's Men and Women. 

We "Thank You " for your service!