North Dakota Military Vehicle Collectors Association

M2  8" Howitzer Gun 

This Model M2 8 inch Howitzer, "Long Tom", is located on Hwy. 212 in front of the National Guard Armory in Olivia, Minn. It was dedicated 13 October, 1985 by Battery D, 175 Field Artillery, Olivia, Minn. The M2 was the workhorse field artillery for the U.S. Army in WWII. More than 8,500 were produced during the war.The M2 carriage had electric brakes, which were powered by a small battery located near the rear of the right trail. One out of every five shells fired by the U.S. Army during the war was 105mm high explosive round. It weighed 42 pounds and was "semi-fixed," meaning it was supplied as a complete round but the shell could be removed from the case and the number of the seven propelling charges could be adjusted for range. The howitzer was manned by a crew of eight and was normally towed by a 6x6 2½ ton truck.