North Dakota Military Vehicle Collectors Association

Dennis Sundby's Homepage

     Welcome to my homepage. My name is Dennis Sundby and I live in Turtle Lake, North Dakota. The first military vehicle I have and use/

The unit above is a 1951 Willys M38 jeep. These were produced in 1951 and 1952. Only 61,423 of these units were produced. 

display is my 1943 M3A1 Autocar Half track. This unit as pictures is equipped with a Browning M2 heavy duty .50 caliber air-cooled machine gun and a M1919 .30 caliber medium duty machine gun. This armored vehicle weights in at 8.4 tons. Typical units has a crew of 3 and can carry 10 troops. Powered by a White 386, 147 horsepower engine with a fuel capacity of 60 gallons and a top speed of 45 mph. There are approximately 65,000 units produced of the M3 Autocar and it's variants of which this is 1 of those variants.

This unit is a 1952 Dodge M37 (G741) 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive truck. They were produced from 1951 thru 1968 with a total made of 115,838. Powered by a T-245 78 hp engine. 

This is a 1945 Willys MB Truck with a light-duty .30 caliber machine gun. Unit is powered by a Go Devil 60 hp engine. 359.489 MB's were produced from 1941 to 1945. 

One of my favorite picture of myself, my Autocar and "Ole 927" 1 of 2 flying B-24's in Minot, North Dakota.