North Dakota Military Vehicle Collectors Association

Brian Carlson's Homepage

Hi, I'm Brian Carlson. Like other members, I own a military jeep. It's an early production 1942 Ford GPW. While it is currently undergoing a restoration, I do have a few images to show you all now.

Here she is in the "rough", just as I got her from fellow chapter member Stuart Lenzke. Stu named her "Miss April", since it was accepted by Ordinance on April 22, 1942.

Got it out of the grass, got it over to Ken Yuly's, and got the WD-40 can out. Time to start the frame-off restoration.

Here is a photos of a tin toy World War I era Packard army ambulance made by Keystone. I found this totally restored, and bought it after I sold my full-sized 1939 Packard sedan. Eventually, I'd like to find the real thing, but this will suffice for now